Join the Cocktail Lounge

Join the Cocktail Lounge today! You will receive notice of upcoming activities, and have the satisfaction of knowing you are one of an elite few. There are three classes of membership; you may become a member of the proletariat, illuminati, or triumvirate.

Joining the ranks of the proletariat is your first step of membership with the Cocktail Lounge. All are welcome to this group, and you will surely enjoy the camaraderie of your many brothers and sisters.

If you feel you posses a certain quality that elevates you above the level of your peers, you might consider competing for inclusion in the illuminati. Those who aspire to take this title are well versed in both cocktails and culture. While lesser in number that the proletariat, the illuminati are a hearty bunch that enjoy each other's company.

The triumvirate are the three individuals who administer the Cocktail Lounge. The chosen three have achieved a rank that most would never believe possible. But with elevated status comes tremendous responsibility. The triumvirate are decorous; they set the example for the other members of the club.