Who are Justin Peng and Justin Smith?

Justin Peng, a first-year student at St. Olaf College, started playing guitar a few years ago in his hometown Rochester, Minnesota. He wrote many songs during his first couple of months of college and performed for small groups of friends. Eventually he started to organize official shows which increased his popularity around campus.
After a couple of shows, it was suggested that Justin get together with Justin Smith, a violinist, and also a first-year student at St. Olaf. The pair held several informal jam sessions which went extremely well. Because the pair complemented each other so well, they arranged to practice together. Justin Peng and Justin Smith made their official debut at the Larson Coffee House on January 12th, 1997.

Previous Gigs

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The Pause, 13 December 1996(Justin Peng only)
Larson Coffee House, 12 January 1997
Hogan Brothers, 25 January 1997